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Business Hours

Mon.-Thurs.: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri.&Sat.: 11:00am-10:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Holidays: Open
Tel.: 678-560-5550
MARIETTA GA 30068-4628

Acceptable Card

Title: 2013-01-11T15:03:07.964-08:00
We love your restaurant. The service is always good and the food is extra yummy...
Title: 2011-11-03T16:03:16.921-07:00
I have a free coupon for Sesame Chicken with purchase of $30 or more. Please include this in my order.
Title: 2011-09-23T13:48:25.945-07:00
Would love to order online with a credit card. Had an order ready until I realized I couldn't pay with credit card. What a disappointment that it is cash only. For delivery, who has cash on hand? Will have to order from competition instead.
Title: 2011-07-15T16:00:45.617-07:00
Hi Doobie!
Title: 2011-03-06T12:32:50.569-08:00
Apartment 782
Title: 2011-02-01T15:52:40.676-08:00
Sorry - it's a LEFT onto Post Oak Tritt from Johnson Ferry!
Title: What a great image!2/9/2013 11:04:34 AM
Today, when I was driving home, I saw two young me in a dark blue pickup sticking menu leaflets in mailboxes. My sister-in-law was with me and asked me to stop in front of her mail box as she didn't want one of them. I did. The guys in the truck sat behind me waiting for me to move. When I didn't they passed me and the one on the passenger side gave me a rude sign. Wow! Now I really wanted to go to your restaurant...NOT! I decided to call and say something because if it were my business being represented that way, I'd want to know. I was told that the person with whom I would need to speak was too busy to talk to me. Oh boy! I can hardly wait to dine with you...NOT! Now I look at the comments on your website and I completely understand. It would seem the neighborhood solicitors (in a neighborhood with clear NO SOLICITING signs) are a very accurate representation of your company. Frankly, I don't care how good the food may be, with that kind of attitude it's a wonder you're still in business. Good luck guys...you're going to need it.
Title: Exellent Staff2/24/2015 3:06:01 PM
I am from NJ and always miss the Chinese food from up there. So when I found the Chin Chin in East Cobb, I was in heaven. And, the staff is wonderful! They take care of you and provide great conversation. And an added plus, the food is great and diverse. Thank you for bringing back great memories from NJ and new ones.
Title: NO SOLICITINGMEANS THAT!!!2/2/2012 8:11:14 AM
Our HOA Board has continuously sent letters to the managers and owners requesting them NOT to leave these menus on residents doors and mailboxes. Your business continues to litter our neighborhood with this garbage and it has to stop immediately!! Twin Brooks Subdivision "DOES NOT" want any employee of Chin-Chin to trespass on this property. There is a large sign posted in plain view stating "NO SOLICITING" "Private Community"!! We are again asking do not leave these menus on resident's doors and mailboxes because it is an eyesore throughout the community!
Title: 2/2/122/2/2012 10:47:51 AM
I like the food but would like to get better customer service over the phone and not feel rushed when making a order. I mean I spent 42.00 there should be better customer service please.
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