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Mon.-Thurs.: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri.&Sat.: 11:00am-10:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Holidays: Open
Tel.: 678-560-5550
MARIETTA GA 30068-4628

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Title: Yummy1/7/2016 4:07:56 PM
The food was great, arrived hot and maybe 5 minutes later than quoted. No big deal and the delivery person was friendly. This is my second time ordering.
Title: Yummy1/7/2016 4:06:46 PM
I'm surprised at all the negative comments. I've ordered twice for delivery and it arrived about when they said and was hot and delicious. Plus, the delivery person was friendly. It's pricey but I always get two meals out of it.
Title: 1/7/2011 7:54:15 PM
Dear friends, My name is Wendy Stewart and I am the Diversity
Title: Call me now!1/6/2014 8:37:39 PM
Substitution of chicken for beef is NOT the way to,continue your business...please call me now to,rectify this gross error!
Title: Spicy beef NOT beef! but clearly chicken!1/6/2014 8:33:35 PM
Visit our website at www.rorpf.org. We are honorable,people!Please rectify the fact that your spicy beef was spicy chicken! SUBSTITUTES? We know what spicy beef is! Please call us...you have our telephone number as we have been regular customers up to now...show us your honor nod integrity! Spicy chicken is NOT spicy beef!
Title: Spicy beef not beef but chicken!1/6/2014 8:29:18 PM
Hello, we are regular customers! Please call us...we know,that the spicy beef was CHICKEN! Can you call us? We like your food enough to,have become regular customers. I am a gourmet chef...I know the difference between beef nod chicken. Please call us to,rectify this big mistake!,you have our telephone number as we are regular customers! We are so disappointed because my parents always told us to support and trust Asian peoples!
Title: Spicy beef not beef but clearly chicken!1/6/2014 8:25:39 PM
Hello, we,are,regular customers! We have bragged about your food, but have been very disappointed on three occasions! On January 3,
Title: testing1/5/2011 5:00:53 PM
Title: The BEST!!1/25/2013 10:46:37 AM
We order delivery from chin Chin every friday, and they are the BEST!! Fantastic food, great service and delivery. Thank you, Chin Chin!!
Title: 1/24/2012 9:53:00 PM
First off I do not understand everyones unusual high standards and expectations with american styled Chinese restaurants. The dishes are not traditional and are supposed to be sub-par, MSG laden, Shiny, Glossy, Salty, Crappy goodness. But what I cant agree with is the price's of Chin-Chin food. The portions are average but 2-3 dollars more per dish than your other down-the-street chains. As we had ordered dinner for 5 at my house and it had come close to $60 for entrees and soup. Which is way more than any bill should be for Chinese food on a Saturday night when you dont feel like cooking. Garlic green beans sauteed in oyster sauce and charge 9 dollars for it? I dont know where they are getting the balls to charge almost 10 dollars for a vegetable only side dish but that might explain why its empty as $&^% inside all the time. The food is pretty good compared to most places but a little overpriced for what you get.
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